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Boston Medical Center: The 'Employer of Choice' for health care professionals - The Boston Banner

Susan is a 34-year-old qualified radiologist looking for new employment opportunities in die Boston area. Previously, if Susan had wanted to view a list of job postings at Boston Medical Center (BMC), she would have encountered a cumbersome system that might have left her frustrated when searching for specific job opportunities suited to her particular skills. But with the implementation of BMC's new and improved Webbased recruitment system, Susan's experience soon will be radically different - and considerably simpler.

Effective tomorrow, BMC will 'go live' with a new Talent Management System designed to improve the experience for both job seekers and hiring managers. The system was designed to be a 'winwin,' helping BMC in attracting the right talent for the right job and assisting candidates looking to focus their job search efforts.

The new system groups job postings into three 'career sites' - an 'internal' site that will allow current BMC employees to review career opportunities, available classes and new in-house benefits and perks; an 'external' site, where any job seeker can check out all of the employment openings that BMC has to offer; and an 'Allied Health/Nursing' site, which focuses on recruiting clinical talent by providing links, articles, publications and a variety of interesting facts about the numerous allied health divisions within BMC.

A candidate can click on any site and see a list of current openings -in Susan's case, as an experienced radiologist, she would click on 'allied health.' If she wants to learn more about radiology at BMC, she can view a video clip of employees sharing their experiences and stories. In addition to discussing the career path that Susan can expect if she accepts a position at BMC, the streaming video will also talk about the department's philosophy of 'cross-modality training,' an in-house approach designed to teach participants all of the different functions of the specialty areas within a profession. For example, a radiologic technologist will rotate through, learn about and intern with ultrasound technologists, mammographers and CT technologists, among other specialties.

Once individuals are crosstrained in all of the specialties, they possess the skills to potentially earn a promotion into one of those positions - an extremely important and creative element of BMC's approach to the in-house development of talented employees to fill key staff positions for which there may not be many applicants.

Located in Boston's historic South End, BMC is a private, not-for-profit, 582-bed, academic medical center focused on community-based health care. The center's services include pediatric and adult care, encompassing everything from primary care to family medicine to advanced specialty care. The features of the new recruitment system reflect why BMC stands out as the 'Employer of Choice' for health care professionals in the Boston area. BMC is proud of its competitive advantage in salary, promotional opportunities, training, development and benefits, and remains committed to the development and employment of a talented, diverse and culturally competent workforce that provides exceptional care without exception.

BMC invites all users and potential job seekers to log on to the new Talent Management System at www.bmc.org/jobs after the site goes live on April 18 to experience the difference for themselves.


BMC remains committed to the development and employment of a talented, diverse and culturally competent workforce that provides exceptional care without exception.